5 Winter Plumbing Tips That You Need to Know

Winter Plumbing Tips Olympia WA

Winter can take a toll on your home or commercial building. It can have both mild and extreme weather conditions, both of which may harm your plumbing system.  


Winter can affect your drain pipes, water heater, and other plumbing systems. Melting snow and rain can increase the likelihood of mold. Snow can cause flooding issues and damage parts of your plumbing landscape.  Freezing temperatures can increase your utility bills. Making sure your plumbing systems is winter proof can seem like a daunting task, but here are some tips to make it easier: 

Keep up indoor temperatures over 55 degrees. 

You can save yourself from the hassle and decrease your expenses by adjusting your thermostat. You can let the home be colder when everyone are away at work or school or sleeping. This is recommended, but be cautious. If you let the temperatures drop too low, you are risking solidifying your pipes. When solidified, it doesn’t take much for your pipes to create splits and breaks. These residential pipes issues can cost you thousands of dollars for repair, so make sure that you keep them in check. Keep your indoor temperature sufficiently high to ensure the safety of your pipes.  



Insulate the pipes 


It won’t matter how warm you have kept your home if the temperatures outside drop too low. Your pipes – especially the funnels going through outside walls – will be in danger for freezing. Enveloping your pipes in insulation and putting spray foam inside the exterior wall cavities will keep your pipes warm. 



Get ice and snow far from your home. 


As winter winds blow and heaps of snow and ice collect by your house, it’s imperative to scoop them away from your home and its foundation. Do this before temperatures are sufficiently warm to dissolve the ice and snow so that the melted ice does not flow into your basement. You can direct the snow into your yard where it won’t melt, thereby preventing the chance of water flowing into your basement. Melting snow can severely damage your crawlspace walls, basement, and flooring, as well as your water heater, furnace, and other equipment.  



Clear the region over your septic system. 


Your septic framework depends on a clear drain field to process your family’s waste. Attempt to keep the ground over your septic tank and sewage framework clear. Likewise, ensure the water you’re directing to move away from your house, particularly contaminated water, isn’t permitted to pool close to the septic tank or drain field. There are specific chemicals that can kill off the bacteria that your waste management system may be relying on.  



Humidity can be used to maintain comfort in your home at a lower cost.


Many air conditioners and furnaces today incorporate features for humidity control. The level of moisture in the air has a significant effect on how hot or cold you feel. When there’s a high measure of water all around you, it doesn’t cause your skin to sweat so much. This permits your body warmth to remain within your body, and for your home to feel comfortable and warm without you having to adjust the thermostat. You need to maintain balanced levels of humidity because more than 60% of it can result in mildew and mold formation. The correct balance will bring about improved indoor solace and lower bills. 


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