Most Common Causes Of Clogged Sinks & Shower Drains

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Clogged sinks are a real pain. There is nothing worse to hear than “The water is not going down the drain!” Clogged sinks bring tons of problems with them. They slow down water drainage, flooding, hygiene issues and for sure, bring along frustration and headaches. Everything begins to get wet ad slimy. Not to forget that it starts smelling bad and that is really not easy to handle. Due to clogging, even showering becomes a real struggle.


Although these seem like minor issues, they can escalate to bigger problems quickly. From flooding, clogged drains can cause costly repairs of the pieces, corrosion of pipes and so on. 


So how do you stop these things from happening? The best idea to stop a sink from clogging is to get plumbing services to look at your bathroom. But do you know what causes clogging?  Listed below, are a few causes of sink and shower drains:



The biggest and the most common culprit of all culprits that doesn’t even need a second thought is hair. Whether you have long hair, short, or curly hair, it binds with grease and various other sticky substances causing clogs. The best way to ensure that hair doesn’t get stuck in the drains is to place guards for catching them. Also, make sure that you clear them regularly. 


Oil And Grease

Disposing garbage doesn’t mean that you can throw everything down your drain. Disposing oils in the drain is never a good idea. Did you know that once you pour oils down your drain, they must be in liquid form but they turn back into their solid form, causing clumps in your drains and ceasing the water flow. Therefore, to make sure that you don’t pour oil in your sink is quite necessary. 



Another major causer of clogging is scum. Whether it is soap scum or toothpaste scum, it can cause a lot of damage to your drains. Scum is thick and sticky and if it doesn’t drain down the pipe, it can trap other materials such as hair. Make sure that you rinse the scum down the drain thoroughly.



Never forget that disposing of food particles down your drain is extremely harmful. Letting down food leftovers in your sink is like an invitation to clogged drains. Food particles jam the blades of your garbage disposal and cause clogged drains. Keeping food particles as far from the sink as possible is crucial or it can cause flooding and slow water drainage. 


Miscellaneous Objects

Various small objects can find their ways around the pipes and cause clogging. It is essential that you keep every other object away from the drain and if you find anything lying there in the sink or shower drain, make sure that you clear it away before it expands to a bigger issue. 


There are so many reasons for clogged drains and if not taken seriously, these minor issues can cause you to replace your pieces along with damaging your home’s infrastructure. The best way to prevent any bigger problem from happening is to seek professional help!


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