Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

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Leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and other minor bathroom plumbing problems may be easily be fixed using common household tools. However, these and other plumbing problems are often times ignored and can eventually lead to major structural and plumbing damages that are costly repairs.


It is important to identify these bathroom problems early, and to be pro-active in preventative maintenance and repairs. This can save you a lot of money and give you a peace of mind in the long haul.

Here are some common plumbing problems:


Clogged or slow draining tub, sink, and toilet

Sometimes these common bathroom plumbing problems seems minor. If you start noticing these problems more frequently, there maybe underlining issues that may require help from a professional plumber.


Sweating or condensation on plumbing pipes, water tanks, and toilets

Sometimes pipes can produce external moisture and condensation depending on temperature around and inside it. It can also be due to leaky pipes that can causes water to run continuously. Overtime, this problem can cause structural damages to your wall, floor, furniture, and can lead to mold and rotting. A plumbing specialist can help you asses the root of the problem and offer a solution.


Brown Water or Sewage Stench

Many variables can cause brown plumbing water and sewage stench. Rusty and deteriorating plumbing pipes, broken sewage pipelines, excessive iron/manganese content, and even your local water supplier can cause these problems. Be sure to consult a local plumber that is very knowledgeable and experienced to help you evaluate the condition of your plumbing water.


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