Essential Bathroom Plumbing Tips To Save Water

Essentials Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Times are hard and the need to save money is all on our minds. Nevertheless, plumbers know that most of our water consumption happens in the bathroom. Saving water can really help save us a lot of money so that we can use it for other important things.


Top Plumbing Tips to Save Water


Use these helpful tips to get started on saving more money!


  1. Taking shorter showers


Each minute we spend in the shower, we use up to 2.5 gallons of water. Furthermore, a hot shower can use even more water. We’re not saying you should be in and out of the shower like it’s a race. But not letting the water run unnecessarily while you wash up is not that hard. This is one easy way to save some money on that water bill every month.


  1. Install water shower saving heads


Secondly, installing a low flow shower head can make a big difference in how much water you can save. A typical shower head is 2.5gpm (gallons per min). Bumping down the gpm to 1.5 can save you water, money and still feel good. In addition, combine this with shorter shower habits and you can save a lot of money annually.


  1. Check for leaks;cost of plumbing leak


A drip here and there may not seem like much. However, if it keeps leaking every minute on every day for a month, that’s a whole lot of water. An even bigger problem is the damage a leaky pipe can do. Moreover, the cost of a plumbing leak that goes unnoticed can really damage your wallet.


  1. Install a high-efficiency toilet


Older models of toilets use a whopping 3.5 to even 7 gallons per flush! We definitely do not need to be flushing that much water. Whereas, a high-efficiency toilet only uses around 1.6-1.28 gallons per flush and that is a huge difference. Keep in mind that low flow toilets work best when the pipes in your house are angled correctly. Newer homes are more accommodating for low flow products. So with older homes, make sure to contact a professional plumber to help check your pipes before installation.


  1. Switch off the faucet


A faucet uses around 1-3 gallons per minute and we use it for so many things. After all, we brush our teeth, shave, wash our hands and face, etc. Don’t leave the faucet running or your money will literally be wasting down the drain.


These tips will help you lower that water bill per month and keep you from losing unnecessary money. If you’re interested in saving money The Bathroom Inc. can help – inspect for any leaks or make any necessary installations at a reasonable price.


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