Most Common Summer Plumbing Services Part 1

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Plumbing problems can strike year-round, but most of the common concerns arise during the summer months. With kids at home and average daily water usage increased, it’s not out of the ordinary to fall victim to some plumbing issues. Luckily, most summer-related plumbing issues are easy fixes. You’ll usually be able to spot them on your own and call in a professional before any real damage is done. 

Here are a few of the most common plumbing problems to keep an eye out for this summer:

Cracked & Leaky Pipes 


Most people think that cracked and leaky pipes only happen during the winter due to freezing temperatures. However, summertime heat can also lead to leaks and cracks because of increased water pressure, including the use of outdoor hoses to water plants, turning on sprinklers, and filling swimming pools. Additionally, surrounding trees may have roots that invade your pipelines and damage them. Some warning signs to look out for include weakened water flow, a mildew scent, discolored pipes, or unusually high water bills. 


Clogged Garbage Disposal 


Garbage disposals allow you to put food scraps down the sink where they are ground and washed away with water. If too much food is disposed of this way, there’s a blockage in the drain, or the blades are out of order, your disposal may become clogged. A clogged garbage disposal will cause a buildup of bacteria from food sitting for too long, leading to an unpleasant smell and standing water. If your disposal is working less efficiently, smells strange, or there is standing water in your sink, it’s best to call a plumber as soon as possible. 


Sprinkler Problems


The summer months in the Pacific Northwest bring more days of sunshine, which can dry out your lawn or garden. Most people use their sprinkler systems to keep their yards in tip-top shape, but with heavier sprinkler usage comes the risk of sprinkler damage. There are several different sprinkler issues to look out for, including broken connections, damaged sprinkler heads, and clogged sprinklers. You may notice pooling water or debris around your sprinklers if there is a problem that needs fixing. 


Washing Machine Issues 


There is never a good time for washing machine problems to arise, but summer is especially bad with stinky laundry that needs washing as soon as possible! A few of the most common washing machine issues include improper draining, inability to finish the wash cycle, absence of spinning, and a persistent mildew odor. 


Plumbing issues are a hassle that inconvenience daily life. Our team of plumbing specialists at The Bathroom Inc. in Olympia, Washington, is experienced in solving the toughest of plumbing issues. 

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