5 Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

There’s nothing better than stepping into a steaming hot shower after a long day. But, in order to heat that water almost instantaneously, you need a pretty powerful water heater to do the job. Typically, traditional water heaters use a fuel-fired system that burns natural gas. This means that a gas burner heats the water supply in the tank, with the warmest water rising to the top to be transported through the pipes to your faucet or shower.


Although this method has been around for years, it is proving to be less effective and more costly than other water heater alternatives. Installing a gas water heater is timely and complex, as there needs to be proper ventilation due to the burning of gas inside the home. Additionally, the heating process is less environmentally-friendly than electrical heating methods, and poses a risk of gas explosion


If you’re looking for an alternative to gas, electric water heaters offer many positives for homeowners. Here are the top 5 benefits of installing an electric water heater in your home:


Easier Installation


Choosing to install an electric water heater means a much simpler and quicker installation process. Electric water heaters do not require ventilation because they run solely on electricity. Homeowners also have more flexibility when choosing where to install their new electric heaters and the size of the tank itself, as tankless options are available as well.


Safer to Use


As mentioned before, gas water heaters can pose a safety risk. If the tank is not cleaned properly or there is an issue with the ventilation, the tank can explode or catch on fire. With electric water heaters, the risk is minimal, thanks to its reliance on electricity.


More Energy Efficient


Electric water heaters are much more energy-efficient than traditional heaters; an important factor considering that 12% of the average home’s energy usage goes to water heating. Plus, with gas heaters, a significant amount of heat and energy is lost through the ventilation process. Electric tanks, on the other hand, retain almost all of the heat produced, and ventilation is nonexistent. 


Low Upfront Costs


While the cost varies based on size, electric water heaters are an affordable option in terms of initial cost. Gas heaters often require new pipes to be installed in your home, which ends up being costly. With electric water heaters, all you need is a reliable source of electricity; something that most homes already have.


Low Maintenance


Unlike gas heaters, electric water heaters require minimal maintenance. Every 6 months or so, simply check the pressure valve to make sure that everything looks up to standard. You may also want to drain the tank occasionally to avoid sediment buildup, which can reduce energy efficiency.


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