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Residential Plumbing Water Heating Problems

With the busy holiday season ahead, it’s important to make sure things around the house are in working order, including your plumbing. The holiday festivities mean more people coming and going, which can put extra stress on your water heater. It’s essential to recognize any warning signs that your water heater may have issues in order to avoid any mishaps during the winter and holiday season.


Here are 3 of the most common water heater problems to look out for and fix right away:


  1. Broken or Missing Parts


There are a few different types of water heaters, including gas, tankless, and hybrid (also known as a heat pump).  While issues may look different depending on the type of water heater you have, basic troubleshooting can help identify if any parts are missing or broken. For example, issues with water temperature parts are usually identified on the temperature setting control panel or the heating elements. If everything seems to be in order, a more hidden problem such as too much sediment in the tank may be to blame. 


  1. Debris and Sediment Buildup 


Similar to the last point, debris and sediment buildup can cause significant issues for your water heater. Over time, the natural minerals in water separate and settle in your water heater. While this may sound harmless, the buildup of debris and sediment hinders your water heater’s efficiency to warm and store water properly. It is recommended to periodically call a plumbing professional to inspect your water heater and remove any buildup. If you live in a place with hard water, you may need to do it more often


  1. Leaks 


When it comes to water heater leaks, no leak is too small to worry about. If you leave a small leak for a while, chances are it will turn into a larger, more costly one. Depending on the leak’s size, you may or may not need to turn off your water heater entirely and wait for professional help. In the meantime, try and identify where the leak is coming from and wipe up excess water on the floor to prevent mold. 


This holiday season, make sure that your water heater is in tip-top shape before friends and family arrive. Our team of qualified, experienced, and professional plumbers at The Bathroom Inc. can help inspect, replace, or repair your water heater in no time. We proudly serve Olympia and the surrounding areas and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate on your plumbing project today. We look forward to hearing from you!